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Although not the ideal solution, dentures can provide an economical and functional restoration that will last for many years.

Dentures are removable.

They are supported by the surrounding soft and hard tissues in the mouth. There are many different denture designs but there are two basic types. The first is all acrylic of which a flexidenture is a more sophisticated version.


The second uses a chrome-cobalt (metal) frame onto which the teeth are attached by a small amount of gum coloured acrylic. This second type is often the preferred choice in partial dentures, where some natural teeth remain as it is stronger and less bulky. It is also healthier for the remaining teeth for reasons your dentist will explain.


Partial dentures are usually held in place using clasps or clips which are sometimes visible. Flexidentures have pink coloured clasps or clips. More sophisticated dentures can be fitted in combination with permanent crowns which incorporate special attachments, which allow the clasps to be hidden.

An overdenture is a complete denture that is partially supported by some remaining roots or implants. These roots or implants usually have some type of attachment that allows an insert placed in the denture to snap the overdenture in place. Overdentures are a very effective form of complete denture therapy and are far more stable than a normal complete denture.

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