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Oral Surgery


All types of minor oral surgery are performed in this practice.

Wisdom teeth are the last of your adult teeth to grow into the mouth. If they do so in the correct position they usually cause no problem. 

However, lack of space often causes these teeth to grow in sideways, only partially grow out of the gum or even remain completely submerged. These problems can result in infections under the overlying gum, decay, and problems disrupting the course of your orthodontic treatment (braces). When these issues are identified, early removal is recommended.

Removal of your wisdom teeth is possible under both general and local anaesthetics. Your dentist will discuss and advise the most appropriate method.

The surgical removal of wisdom teeth is performed in the practice, other surgical procedures include surgical endodontic treatment (reverse root canal treatment). Surgery can also be performed in an attempt to stabilise gum disease that has failed to respond to the initial less invasive procedures.

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