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Root Canal Treatments


If dental decay is left untreated it will eventually progress deep inside the tooth until it reaches the nerve. The nerve will become infected and, as long as there is enough tooth substance remaining, will require a root canal filling prior to any tooth reconstruction.

Another reason a tooth may need root canal therapy is if a tooth is subject to trauma causing fractures or cracks that pass through the nerve chamber. To help avoid this please protect your teeth with a mouthguard when playing contact sports or wear a nightguard if you grind/clench your teeth.

Where a root canal treatment is needed the damaged nerve is removed. The canal is cleaned and then filled with special material.

These treatments have a high success rate but it is important to understand that a small number do fail. Your dentist will review all root canal treatments (even old treatments) to make sure that the surrounding bone remains healthy.

A root-filled tooth usually needs a crown to prevent further breakage.

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