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At The Dental Practice, we can offer our patients a variety of different filling materials including :

  • Composite

  • Ceramic


Amalgam: We no longer use amalgam fillings. If an old amalgam needs replacing we will use composite filling material.

Light cure composit filling.jpeg

Composite fillings are tooth coloured. These types of fillings have a number advantages :

  • They can alter the appearance of teeth changing both shape and colour.

  • They are bonded to tooth structure which means that they actually integrate with the tooth, thereby sealing the gap between tooth and filling and adding strength to the tooth

  • Composite is bonded directly onto the tooth and so small chips and fractures can be easily repaired. 

  • Less tooth substance needs to be removed when preparing the tooth to accommodate a white filling.

  • Composite fillings are completed in only one visit.

Ceramic Inlays

These are tooth coloured fillings for use in back teeth when a high degree of aesthetics and strength is required.

These require two dental appointments.

  • The tooth is prepared by removing all decay and shaping the tooth appropriately then an impression is taken which is sent to the laboratory where the ceramic inlay is made.T

  • A second appointment a week later allows for the permanent fixation of the ceramic restoration with a strong dental cement.

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