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Dr. Stefano Zanetti


  • Qualified at the University of Rome, Italy

  • His special interest lies in the field of dental implants and oral surgery with routine placements of full mouth implants using the All on Four or All on Six techniques.

  • With an experience of 25 years having practiced in Italy and the USA he is an expert at Bone Rengeration. Dr. Zanetti can regenerate bone in any area where bone is not sufficient for dental implants to be placed. He uses several techniques like GBR, Split Crest, Sinus Lift, etc

  • He also specializes in the regeneration of gum tissue and lost bone around teeth.

  • In addition to the above his surgical experience also includes complicated wisdom teeth extraction, impacted teeth requiring exposure in orthodontics, frenectomy of the lips and tongue using Diode Laser.

  • Routinely treats TMJ dysfunction including headaches and neck pain.

  • He also performs routine dentistry including fillings, root canal treatments, crowns, veneers and bridges, etc

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