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Here at The Dental Practice, we have three dentists IAS trained in the use of ClearSmile. This treatment involves the use of sequential clear aligners (there are several similar systems in use worldwide). Also hand in hand with ClearSmile we also use Inman aligners, particularly on lower teeth. The photo shows upper ClearSmile and lower Inman aligners.

Dr. Sarit Shah is also a Certified Invisalign Provider. Invisalign is an aligner system which can straighten almost any malaignment and an absolute alternative to fixed braces.

Clear Ceramic Brackets or Metal Braces

For conventional fixed braces (normally younger teenagers) there are a number of Consultant Orthodontists working in our area.

During any fixed orthodontic treatment we advise regular hygiene visits as fixed brackets can be difficult to clean.

Clear ceramic brackets or the traditional metal braces are available.

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