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Examinations & X-Rays


Here at The Dental Practice, we believe that regular dental examinations can help our patients achieve optimum dental health. During an examination, the teeth, gums and soft tissues are checked for any abnormalities. Early discovery of any dental disease allows for easier intervention. This means quick, easy and cost-effective dentistry for you !

Dental X-rays are a very important diagnostic tool as they can detect early decay in hard to see areas such as in between teeth and under existing fillings. As a new patient, you may be offered X-rays as part of your initial consultation if your clinician thinks it appropriate. It is recommended that existing patients have X-rays taken of their teeth every two years or so unless there is a problem, in which case they may be required sooner.

At The Dental Practice, we have digital X-ray facilities.

Your safety is paramount, our radiography equipment undergoes annual servicing, and we have a radiation monitoring system.

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